Will You Still Travel this Christmas?

It is that time of the year again when people travel all over the globe to meet their loved ones. But with the current happenings in the country(Nigeria) and the world at large travelling, this Christmas seems to be a very bad idea.

Yes, you can say there are so many reasons to travel this Christmas what if I tell you that there are so many reasons you should not travel as well.

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Think well before you travel this Christmas

In this short piece, we will try to make you see reasons why travelling at a time as this, is not wise or advisable. The high cost of things, the coronavirus pandemic, the Christmas speeding and the buying of stuff to travel with will cost you way more than you imagine in this time.

Below are some Reasons You should not Travel this Christmas

  1. With the current increase in the cost of things in the market and the increase in fuel price transportation will surely skyrocket this time as always. If you sit down to calculate the money you will use to transport yourself and your family to the village you realized, you will save more spending Christmas in your current location.
  2. Fear of the rise in Coronavirus Pandemic: The year 2020 is one which many will never forget in a hurry as it is significant with the deadly coronavirus. The virus spread more when people gather in a particular location so if your family is free from the virus what of the other families you are going to meet? If you think closely you will realize is wiser to remain with your family and have the fun, play Christmas games together next year might be better and safer to travel.
  3. Fear of Lock-down: With the recent increase in coronavirus cases in the country the second phase of national lockdown is expected and if it happens should you travel, you will be hooked up in the location you travelled to with the little you took to the place. Gradually you will become a pest to the people you will a visitor to. So to be safe it will be wise to remain in your present location to see how things will unfold. Christmas is forever but the coronavirus lockdown will be for a while if you do not travel this year you can travel next year.
  4. Fear of Road Accident: Christmas times are times when the roads are always busy as such accident is not far-fetched. Going on a trip that will take up to four or five hours and above will be very dangerous especially with the recent increase in road accidents and banditry, considering all this you will see that is much cheaper to stay safe than to risk both your life and that of your family.
Feature: Why You Should Not Travel This Christmas 2
You want to Travel this Christmas, think Again

Considering these few points I want to believe you will agree with me that it is cheaper, safer and wiser to stay with your family rather than travel this Christmas.


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